Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let There Be Rack!

Neither the included bracket nor the special cantilever bracket I bought from Longleaf worked for the IQ Cyo light on the Campeur frame. I knew I wanted a front rack, so waited for that to be installed before figuring out how to mount the light. The Pass Hunter rack does have 4 mounting points for lights, but included no bracket, so I had to fashion one. I want the lamp low enough and off to the side enough that a semi-bulky object (or bag) can sit off the edge of the rack without hitting the light. The bracket should ultimately be sloped down a bit, but for now I made a temporary one by finding a piece of donor steel in my parts box, cutting and grinding it, and then bending it in a vise. I still want to shape one which will hang a little lower, and little more elegantly but the point here was to be able to install and test the light with its dynohub. Similarly the routing of the wire (and securing with zip ties) are all temporary, but wholly functional.

Here's the light, rack, and bracket:

As the sun went down and a gentle rain started, I took it out for a 3 mile spin. Wow! It is certainly bright enough to ride on my dirt country road at a sane speed.

I have it mounted on the left side of the bike, thinking that will improve visibility for oncoming traffic (the light will not be blocked by the bike itself). I do see many lights (in America) mounted on the right, however. This could possibly better illuminate hazards on the shoulder, but I found the coverage great with the current setup. I chose the "N" beam pattern which leaves an alleged dark spot in front of the bike in order to focus more of the beam far ahead where it is needed. I have to say, though, that the shadow zone immediately in front of the bike is plenty illuminated, it is just dim by comparison. This is a powerful little light, it is not pleasant to stare directly into (it also has a clever lens and shield arrangement to prevent this). All in all, very impressed!

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  1. Yep, they're good lights!

    I've used brackets from the hardware store for light mounts.